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Dhyan Kyon?
This book directly puts the reader’s consciousness into the state of meditation and unfolds the knowledge of the Aatma, or Self, the Space of freedom and purity. Written in an engaging and intimate style, it includes the technique of Shyam Dhyan (Space Meditation), and demystifies common misconceptions about the practice. Swami Shyam’s guidance enables the meditator to understand the process of unfolding highest awareness. This book is the forerunner of the English book, Meet Your True Self through Meditation.
Pages : 134
Nirbandh Man
Initially addressed to young people, Nirbandh Man provides invaluable information and guidance for people of all ages. It begins by explaining the importance of thinking. In a readable style, it proceeds to describe the subtle functioning of the mind and its source, and how to meditate and enter Samaadhi, the superstate of consciousness. The mantra Amaram Hum is introduced and explained fully. This is a translation of Swami Shyam’s English book, Mastermind.
231 pages
Raj Yog Vigyan

This book provides new insight into the nature of kundalini, the all-permeating power of pure existence. Raj-Yog Vigyaan includes imaginative descriptions of the dimensions experienced in meditation, as well as the means to attain the state of unity consciousness, or Raj-Yog. Swami Shyam describes the true nature of the Self, free from worry, through allegory and philosophical analysis. This book is a translation of the original English book, Science of Raj Yog.

106 pages
Shyam Sandesh
  An interview of Swami Shyam conducted by renowned journalist, Vishwa Prakash Dixit “Batuk.” Swami Shyam fully explains the Vision of Oneness (Adwait Gyan) and how to be free from the worries of the mind. He describes the importance of the practice of meditation for the saadhak.    
56 pages
109 Shloks
Gita Maalaa
  This selection of 108 verses gives the essence of the Bhagavad Gita. The knowledge of the Self and of action, devotion and meditation are revealed. This pocket-size edition has an entirely new commentary and includes the original Sanskrit.
119 pages
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