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“Swami Shyam is one of the greatest bhakti poets of India,” writes poetess Mahadevi Verma. Swami Shyam’s books of Hindi poetry contain selections
from the thousands of poems that he has penned since 1980.  Written
in classical meters, the poems are sung to melodies composed
by musicians from India and around the world. Swami Shyam
has contributed to Hindi ghosthis (poetry symposiums)
throughout his life. He continues to write poetry daily.

Shyam sudhaa

This volume of Hindi poetry by Swami Shyam contains 86 dohaas, chaupaais (classical forms of Hindi poetry) and other poems written in 1980. Shyam Upadaysh, Brahm Gyan, Shyam Sang Naach, Shankar Bholay Bhaalay, Aanand kee Ghardiyaan, Mangalaacharan, Leela Aparampaar and songs for Holi are among the poems included.

“The poems in Shyam Sudha convey the basic principles of Vedant philosophy and the Vision of Oneness in a style that is direct and, at the same time, inspiring.” — Dr. G. C. Gupta, former Chairman, Hindi Department, Lucknow University.

Pages : 158
shyam amrit

This book contains 119 songs including Puraatan Prabhu, Praym kee Pukaar, Praym Samaadhi, Siddhi Vibhooti, and Kuch kaa Kuch.

“I am certain that the saintly devotees of divine love, having absorbed the essence, will be delighted. Swami Shyam describes the concentrated state of the mind of a yogi, which is beyond our normal understanding,” writes 20th century poet Mahadevi Verma in the Introduction.

160 pages
shyam amar

Shyam Amar’s 108 poems include Krishn Janm Geet, Asatya Na Sun, Shyam hee Jeevan, Shyam Mahima, and Sameepta Chah.

“This work will definitely give the true devotee and awakened soul the experience of the divine,” says Hindi poet Gopal Das Neeraj in the Introduction.

143 pages
Shyam jyoti

Shyam Jyoti is an exquisite collection of 108 poems, including Aakaash Charan, Hari Praapti Sukh, Mukt kee Preeti Satya, Divya Varsha, Unchaaee Prabhaav, Sookshmataa Priya, Hans Lo-Jap Lo and Satya Ayk.

“Every poem in Shyam Jyoti reveals to the reader that he or she should identify with the height of his own immortality and bliss”     — Swami Shyam

146 pages
Shyam Geetaavali
  This beautiful book has a selection of 61 Hindi poems by Swami Shyam, along with his English translations. Titles include Jeevan Nadiyaa (River of Life), Aatma Pakhayru (Soul Bird), Sootraanand (The Formula for Bliss), Aatma Bodh (Enlightenment), Abhayd Shyam (Non-difference), Chaytan Sphuran (Manifestation of the Self) and Vanday Amaram (Salutations to Amaram).
218 pages
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