Swami-ji's Amaram Day: Two Talks (excerpts)
January 31, 2013

New Year's Message 2013: The Year of Blissful Existence
and Consciousness

The Glory of Friendship

Swayam Swayam — Forever Self

Excerpt from Pooja Dhyan Vidhi

Swamiji’s Christmas Message 2011

Seven Gita Verses in 14 Languages

Letter from Swamiji on His 86th Birthday

Freedom Is Awareness of Life, Which Is Forever

Excerpt from The Source of a Human Being Is Freedom,
Which He Seeks

New Year's Letter for 2009


Self Alone Is

The Mind Covered by Mysterious Ignorance Can Be Purified
and the Truth Revealed

Meditation on Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum

Peace Meditation Training

We Have to Think and Examine

What You Observe in Meditation

Remember This Daily

Excerpt from Why Meditation

The Difference between the Realized State of One Person
and the Unrealized State of Millions

Ignorance Is Common in General to People Who Are Born
in Time and Space


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