A commonly heard philosophical question is "Who am I?"
Rather than asking this question, Swami Shyam answered it: "I am I!"

The purpose of the IMI is for participants to unfold the knowledge of inner peace and Self-knowledge, and to understand and develop a practice of the technique of meditation, which unfolds this awareness.

Founded by Swami Shyam, the IMI is situated in northwestern India, and it has centers around the world. However, Swami Shyam says that a center is not a place - it is every human being. Every person who meditates and knows the meaning of "I am I" is a center.

The correspondence courses offered here are part of the distance learning program of the IMI. They were created so that people living anywhere can access the teachings of Swami Shyam through certified IMI teachers.

Under a mango tree,
while sipping a cup of tea from a nearby tea shop, Swami Shyam saw a ripe mango fall to the ground. He thought about how ripe fruit is harvested and sent to distant places for people to enjoy. If the mangoes were to remain on the trees, they would go nowhere and no one would benefit from or enjoy them.

At that moment, Swami Shyam knew that in terms of knowledge, he was like a sweet, ripe mango. He was not meant to stay in one place forever, but to make that knowledge available to all who wanted it.

This experience led to the birth of the IMI, and people around the world began to hear the knowledge and imbibe the teachings of Swami Shyam.

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