Swami Shyam

With the realization that the whole is your Self and you are the whole, an eternal current of peace, joy, and love will flow from your most delightful presence on earth.

- Swami Shyam
Two short videos of Swami Shyam are available for download, in which he speaks of the direction of life. Audio versions of his messages are also available.      Click here to go to the video download page.
Swami Shyam is a sage, an enlightened being, a poet, a speaker, an artist, a man whose delightful sense of humor and resounding laughter bring joy to everyone around him. He is a true saint who has dedicated his life to conveying to people around the world the knowledge of their true nature, which is peace, freedom, joy and Self-awareness. His message is that our true Self is infinite and pure, and that the knowledge of Self enables us to know that we are not separate from anyone, from the world or from the source of our existence.

It is said that one who has come to know his true nature can help others reach the same goal. Swami Shyam is just such a person. He presents this knowledge to the contemporary world in clear terms, along with a technique that people can apply in day-to-day life in order to make it a practical experience. Swami Shyam has shown that we can develop our ability to perceive the truth of our Self, which never changes, never worries and never becomes miserable, which never rises or falls, despite the continual changes that we experience every day as human beings. Having grasped this knowledge, we will find that it is not static; rather, it continues to expand and deepen. This is because it is not just a theory or a conventional subject, but a state of awareness that brings understanding, fearlessness, the sense of Oneness, beauty and truth into our lives. Attaining this, one no longer feels separate from the world around him or divided within himself. If each of us can unfold this knowledge, just imagine how it will reflect in our families, our communities and our world!

Swami Shyam was born in the heart of India, whose rich tradition is of Aatma Gyan, the knowledge (Gyan) of Self (Aatma), but he maintains that this knowledge is universal, because it applies to all people. Since his early childhood, he has meditated daily and studied Sanskrit texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali Yog Darshan, Panchadashi, the Upanishads, Ashtaawakr Gita and others. A brilliant and inspiring speaker in English and his native tongue, Hindi, he has taught meditation throughout his life and moved among people with boundless energy. A prolific writer, he has written over 40 books in both languages, comprising his own original works and translations of the ancient Sanskrit texts. Some of these books have been rendered into French, German, Hebrew, Punjabi and other languages. He has written hundreds of articles on various aspects of the inner consciousness.

In addition to prose, Swami Shyam has written over 5,000 poems in Hindi and a hundred in English that impart the knowledge of Aatma Gyan, as well as the sweet and charming spaces of love and devotion. His Hindi poetry is written in classical meters, which are sung traditionally. Since the 1980s, over 20 audio recordings have been produced by accomplished singers and musicians from India and other countries. Swami Shyam has been lauded internationally for his work, both spoken and written, by leaders in every field. Renowned 20th and 21st century Hindi poets have praised his poetry as the finest literary representation of knowledge and devotion in the language. He has directed and participated in many poetry seminars for English, Hindi, Gujarati and Punjabi poets. Several D.Lit., Ph.D. and M.A. theses have been written on the philosophy and poetry of Swami Shyam.

Over the past 50 years, Swami Shyam has founded several organizations for the betterment of humankind through the unfoldment of the knowledge of the Self. These include the International Meditation Institute (IMI), which has been active since 1970 and was formally recognized in 1980, Shaanti-Sneh Abhiyaan (Movement of Peace and Love), IDEAL, and the Man-Friend Association. In 1986 he was awarded the prestigious Yog Shiromani award by the President of India, Giani Zail Singh, for his work in the field of meditation and Self Realization. By invitation, he has spoken to tens of thousands of people around the world at international conferences, organizations, universities and schools, and to small groups.


The teachings are intended to enable everyone to unfold the knowledge of his or her own true nature, the consciousness forever free from any struggle or sense of duality. Having attained this realization, a person can perform well and freely every duty and action belonging to him.

- Swami Shyam

While Swami Shyam is a man of vast accomplishment with a charismatic and delightful personality, he is, above all, a person who knows that he is one with everyone and conveys grace in everything he does and says. He respects every person and creature, knowing that the light that shines in each one's eyes is the same divine light. Treating everybody with utmost respect and appreciation, he lives the awareness that whoever comes in front of him is his own Self. Throughout his life, he has been a dauntless example of the knowledge, love, freedom and deathlessness that he continually speaks and writes about. This is why those who know him love him, and those who have applied his teachings have gained a wealth of peace, joy, freedom and the vision of Oneness in their own lives. Swami Shyam's life, his teachings and his vision provide for all people the understanding, the technique and the way to live a life without fear or ignorance, a life full of inspiration, love and intelligence, forever peaceful and free.

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